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4x4 pay and play

Come and experience incredible off road action at one of the UKs most famous off road venues. 

For those that have been before you will know what a great off road  site it is. For those that haven't got the wheels muddy here before we  have 3 difficulty levels with winching banks, hills ponds and trees.  There is something for every skill level and vehicle capability  from shiny new 4x4s to the hardcore off roader! 

Routes are graded, starting at Blue then Red and lastly Black.

- Blue (easy)  standard vehicle on road tyres, suitable for novices who have some basic  4x4 driving experience. 

-Red (moderate) Mud Terrain Tyres -Black  (Difficult) Lift Kit, Winch, Mud Tyres. These Black routes are extreme  and you will require the use of your winch! As some of the BLACK routes  are very challenging!


There is plenty for everyone. We have a band of  dedicated marshals, in off road vehicles who are happy to offer any help or advice on the day.

We love all 4x4's but we are also experienced enough to know that not  all 4x4's have been designed for off road use. Many modern cars are for  'All Road' use which is a clever and correct description for cars that  have 4x4 for use in snow on gravel tracks and smooth surface fields etc.  Cars that don't have a low ratio transfer box but perhaps have  permanent 4 wheel drive and/or traction control or some kind of hill  descent control are great for the loose slippery tracks we have on site.  However they may not be suitable for our 'BLUE' routes - marked as  suitable for all 4x4's - due to the steeper slopes they utilise. Engine  braking using a low ratio transfer box or hill descent control will be  needed to traverse these routes safely in a controlled manner.

We strongly advise drivers of such vehicles to have one to one  instruction prior to using them on our site. This will ensure you  understand the vehicles capabilities and that it is used in a safe, non  damaging way.



This price is for upto 5 people,  E.G. 3 passengers and 2 drivers - providing that there is correct fitting seatbelts and all passengers must arrive in the vehicle upon entry to event and all go to signing on unit to sign the entry form. For the £35.00 you will receive upon arrival 2 wristbands for upto 2 drivers.  

All Vehicles must be entirely road legal, you must bring proof of your V5, Tax, MOT and insurance otherwise entry will be denied, no exceptions made. 


Vehicles must be road legal to take part in our 4x4 pay and play days, you must bring your driving license, V5 Log book and proof of insurance, tax and MOT for the vehicle.

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