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4x4  Terms and conditions

4x4 entry Disclaimer

In Consideration of Parkwood Outdoor LTD           

    Accepting this application, I undertake and agree:

  1. I am competent to drive my 4x4 vehicle and have some off-road riding experience.

  2. By taking part I accept the risks involved including injury or death.

  3. I declare that my vehicle is safe, complies with venue operator’s regulations and is fit to use in this event.

  4. I have read and will comply with the venue operators site regulations and driving rules.

  5. I will observe and obey all the instructions given to me by the venue operator and its staff.

  6. To notify the venue operator of any medical condition I have or any medication that I am taking in case of an emergency situation.  

  7. To notify the venue operator if any of my data such as address, phone, email has changed.

  8. For my personal details to be stored by the venue operator

Rules and regulations

  1. All drivers must be at least 17 years old and have a full uk driving licence.

  2. Please read all site rules in full before signing sign in sheet.

  3. No spectators are permitted.

  4. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on site.

  5. No riding in car park or on field area or any area that has been taped off.

  6. The marshals and management have the right to scrutineer any car, at any time and to exclude any car, which is considered not to be safe for off road use.

  7. Marshalls will be on hand to give any help, advice and guidance, but any liabilit6y for any injury to person or damage to vehicles arising out of such advice or guidance is expressly excluded.

  8.  Please do not obstruct parts of the site by parking up to watch others, please park so that others may pass safely.

  9. Please do not drop little. Use the bins provided or take it home.

  10. No refund will be offered if a customer’s visit has been cut short for any reason.

  11. Vehicles must be road legal to take part in our 4x4 pay and play days, you must bring your driving license, V5 Log book and proof of insurance, tax and MOT for the vehicle.

Please note- failure to comply to these rules will result in being removed from the site.

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