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Trials Terms and Conditions

In consideration of Parkwood Outdoors Ltd. Accepting this application I undertake and agree:

1. That I am competent to ride my motorbike and have some off road riding experience.

2. By taking part I accept the risks involved including injury or death.

3. I declare that my motorbike is safe, complies with the venue operator’s regulations and is fit to use in this event.

4. I have read and will comply with the venue operators site regulations and riding rules.

5. I will observe and obey all instructions given to me by the venue operator and its staff.

6. To notify the venue operator of any medical conditions I have or of any medication that I am taking incase of an emergency situation. Rules and Regulations

1. We have a blanket speed limit of 15MPH

2. All riders must be 8 years and over an adult (18 years +) must accompany all children.

3. Please read site rules in full before signing advanced booking sheet.

4. No Spectators are permitted.

5. No Alcohol or drugs are permitted on site.

6. Helmet, Motorbike Boots, Gloves and full riding gear must be worn at all times.

7. No riding in car park or on field area.

Please remember that off road riding can still be dangerous, so please read and follow the rules in full to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit. These rules apply to all persons using the site:

1. The site is open from 9:30am-3:30pm. Please leave the site by closing times.

2. We have a blanket speed limit of 15 MPH, which must be followed.

3. All persons must wear correct fitting riding gear, Motorbike Boots, Helmet, and Gloves.

4. The marshals and management have the right to scrutineer any bike, at any time and to exclude any bike, which is considered not to be safe for off road use.

5. Riders must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. You must notify gate staff and list on entry sheet if you are taking any medication or have a specific medical condition. This info could help in the event of any emergency situation. All details will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

7. All riders must be over 8 years for Trials practice. An adult must accompany all children at all times.

8. Marshals will be on hand to give any help, advice and guidance, but any liability for any injury to person or damage to vehicles arising out of such advice or guidance is expressly excluded.

9. All contact details for first aid, marshal’s will issued on arrival.

10. Please don’t obstruct parts of the site by parking up to watch others please park so that others may pass safely.

11. No driving in streams on site or any areas that are taped off with hazard tape, please no riding on field areas. There are plenty of routes laid out for your enjoyment. Please leave the rest to nature.

12. Please do not drop litter. Use the bins provided or take it home!

13. Please respect that any decision made by the management or a marshal is final and is to be respected.

14. No refund will be offered if a customer’s visit has been cut short for whatever reason.

15. If you are found to be ignoring the rules set out you will be removed from site.

Please follow the above to ensure you have a safe end enjoyable visit. Parkwood Outdoors Ltd 0113 2854356

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